Lawn Mower Safety

How old should a child be to use a lawn mower?

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Every year children are seriously injured by lawn mowers. Motor and electrically powered mowers are particularly dangerous and more often the cause of accidents. As with all accidents careful thought might prevent these from occurring.

See our range of child accident prevention books.

If a child of 12 is sensible and realises the dangers he may be allowed to use a push mower or a motor mower with proper instruction and careful guidance.

A 16 year old can be expected responsible enough to use a sit-on mower, again provided they have had proper instruction and made aware of the dangers. Make sure that the novice user is only allowed to mow a restricted and safe area until he or she becomes well qualified to be left alone.

Before attempting to use the mower take these child safety precautions.

Further lawn mower safety tips:

Switch off the mower and wait until the blades are motionless before:

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