Child Accident Prevention Information

Do you trust child accident prevention to fate? Then THINK! first and prevent accidents within the home and elsewhere.

Children in Danger

UK Child accident statistics show that falls are the most widespread accidents amongst children. The second most common accidents amongst children occur when they bump into people, things or are hurt by falling objects. Burns and scalds occur as the third most common, mostly from hot drinks and hot water from a kettle. Poisonings from medicines, garden and household chemicals are the fourth most frequent accidents within the home. See “A Dangerous Day on the Farm”.
The most common causes of injury-related deaths are transport accidents, drowning, and intentional injuries, including self-harm and assault. Unintentional injury deaths are most often related to transport, responsible for 41% of injury deaths among 1 to 9 year olds.

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Make your house safe

Children's accidents are a major health problem throughout the UK.
According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents death amongst children is caused the most by accidental injuries over the age of one. Avoid these tragedies by applying a little thought and care for your toddler's health.
See  “The Dangerous Pirate Treasure”.
Some safety tips for child proofing your house and general toddler advice:

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