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The Hair-Raising Kite Flight

“The Hair-Raising Kite Flight”
Harey and his friends, including Pillow, the parrot, go out flying their kite dangerously close to an electricity pylon with disastrous results.
32 pages, full colour, including sticker page with six stickers and electricity safety tips.
ISBN 0-9546565-1-2.

The Dangerous Pirate Treasure

“The Dangerous Pirate Treasure”
A funny short children's story about Harey the hair-brained rabbit and his friends, Pillow the parrot, Chips, the dog, and Scampi, the cat, go looking for treasure after finding an old pirate treasure map in the loft, but dig up an electricity cable instead.
32 pages, full colour, including sticker page with six stickers and electricity safety tips.
ISBN 0-9546565-3-9.

Fire in the Fryer

“Fire in the Fryer”
Harey the rabbit decides to deep-fry some chips for a barbecue.
He fills the fryer too much and abandons it while he goes off to play,
allowing it to burst into flames.
32 pages, full colour, including sticker page with six stickers.
ISBN 0-9546565-2-0

A Dangerous Day on the Farm

“A Dangerous Day on the Farm”
Harey and his friends visit a farm. After many accidents and dangers, involving a cartoon farmer, an angry cow and a pool of pig-muck, Harey manages to set a barn alight and runs into a grain silo to hide. Fortunately, it is not full and he is dug out safely by the Fire Brigade. A picture book to promote safety of children on the farm.
32 pages, full colour, including sticker page with six stickers.
ISBN 0-9546565-5-5.

The Dangerous Road Game

"The Dangerous Road Game"
Supporting the THINK! road safety campaign and including the Green Cross Code information.
Harey dreams of being the best football player in the world. He races out of the house, falls over a cartoon snail and walks into a lamp-post.
He and his friends then cross over the road to play in the park. Harey kicks the ball into the road.
He then runs after it without looking and is knocked down by a car, but just survives with bad bruising because the car was not travelling fast. 32 pages, full colour, including sticker page with six stickers.
ISBN 0-9546565-4-7.

The Dangerously Big Bunny

“The Dangerously Big Bunny”
Supporting the TOAST obesity awareness programme.
Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, watches TV all day and eats all the wrong foods. He becomes unhealthy and overweight. He has trouble getting through doorways, too overweight to play on the swings, breaks his skateboard, and sinks the boat in the park. His doctor puts him on a diet. He cuts down on eating biscuits, sweets, chocolate toffee bars, cakes and ice-cream, joins a gym and watches less television. He is soon back to his old fit self. 'Who's a pretty boy, then?' says his friend, Pillow the parrot.
32 pages, full colour, including sticker page with six stickers.
ISBN 0-9546565-7-1.

Stranger Dangers

“Stranger Dangers”
It is the day of Halloween and Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, and his friends go playing and looking for ghosts in a disused factory building with dangerous results. They are approached several times during the day by a strange man and woman. That night, they dress up and go out knocking on people's doors, when Harey is finally kidnapped by the two strangers, but rescued in the end.
32 pages, full colour, no stickers.
ISBN 978-0-9546565-8-4.

A Dangerous Christmas

“A Dangerous Christmas”
Harey and his friends have a dangerous Christmas when he tries to climb on the furniture to place a fairy on top of the tree, gets an electrical shock playing with the fairy lights, sets fire to the Christmas tree, and ends up scalding himself in the kitchen while rushing around.
32 pages, full colour.
ISBN 978-0-9546565-6-0.

The Deadly Sweet Cupboard

“The Deadly Sweet Cupboard”
One wet, windy, winter’s morning Harey decides to have a party because it is his birthday. Having been given some pot-pourri as a present he tries to drink the essential oil but Scampi saves him just in time, knocks over a candle and causes a fire, goes to use some plastic washing pouches for eating as jellies and swallows some "sweets" he finds in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.
32 pages, full colour.
ISBN 978-0-9546565-0-8.

A Nasty Shock

“A Nasty Shock”
Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, and his friends are playing with their video games just before breakfast when the computer suddenly goes off. They examine the wiring and Harey puts his screwdriver into the electricity plug and gets a nasty shock.
During breakfast Harey sticks a knife into the toaster to retrieve his toast and gets another shock, but then receives a third one when he fills up the kettle and plugs it into the mains with wet hands.
Finally, whilst playing football in the garden, Harey kicks the ball over the hedge into an electrical substation and tries to retrieve the ball. Scampi stops him from climbing over the fence and telephones the electricity board for help. A Central Networks electricity man brings them their ball back safely.
32 pages, full colour.
ISBN 978-0-954656591.

The picture book entitled 'A Nasty Shock' depicts the tale of Harey, the hare-brained rabbit and his friends who learn about the potential hazards of electricity.

As part of its Safety Education Programme, Central Networks has been donating a copy of the book, which is aimed at year one pupils, to primary schools across the East and West Midlands.

The story illustrates how Harey, gets a 'nasty' shock when using a knife to retrieve toast from the toaster and when plugging in the kettle with wet hands. He also learns the dangers of playing near substations.

Anita Mellor, Public Safety Manager at Central Networks, said: "We were delighted to support DangerSpot Books in the writing of this story, which will help young minds understand the dangers of electricity and how to stay safe.

The Harey Bike Ride

“The Harey Bike Ride”
Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, and his friends go riding their cycles, but he does not obey the highway code. He has to be persuaded to wear his safety helmet after he has fallen off his bike and banged his head. He then rides out of the drive onto the road without looking where he is going, rides on the pavement and fails to stop at red traffic lights where he knocks down Pillow the parrot on the pelican crossing.
32 pages, full colour.
ISBN 978-0-9565593-0-2

A Harey Day at the Seaside

“A Harey Day at the Seaside”
A children's picture book about beach safety and the dangers of swimming out of your depth, the dangers of climbing cliffs and digging caves in sand, leaving broken glass on the beach, and accident prevention when visiting the seaside.
Harey and his friends visit the seaside. He climbs the cliff and falls, cuts his feet on some broken glass, digs a big cave in the sand and almost suffocates when the sides fall in, goes swimming out of his depth while ignoring the warning flags and nearly drowns.
32 pages, full colour.
ISBN 978-1-908352-14-1.

The Harey Chat Room

“The Harey Chat Room”
Harey, The hare-brained rabbit is typing a letter in a chat room, while his friends look on. 'That's great! Lucy Lamb wants to be my friend and write to me,' yelled Harey in excitement. Next day, they go out to meet Lucy Lamb in the park and discover a wolf in sheep's clothing.
32 pages, full colour.
ISBN 978-1-908352-20-0

A Touch Too Much, child sexual abuse book

“A Touch Too Much”
Harey and his friends bump into two children and are invited to a party. It is there that they witness and put a stop to sexual abuse and a stranger trying to take photographs of the children in the local park swimming pool.
32 pages, full colour.
ISBN 978-1-908352-23-1.

Note for Editors

Harey, the hare-brained rabbit, spends much of his time rushing around and not thinking, which inevitably causes several accidents in the stories. Scampi, the cat, is the wisest of the characters and spends her time helping Harey to avoid accidents. Chips, the dog, is often the victim of Harey's adventures and Pillow, the parrot, repeats everything to emphasise the safety message. With safety DangerSpot stickers for use around the home and a page of safety information the books aim to help prevent accidents by focusing the lessons on safety while entertaining children. It is sometimes very difficult to teach a young child all the dangers that might occur within the home but a single image of the sticker placed in the appropriate places might then bring home the message.